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“You’ve Done The Hard Work Getting The Traffic But There Still Isn’t Enough New Business Being Generated. So What Now?”

It all depends on your website. Can your potential customer visiting your website complete an action that will give you value? It is important that your website visitors can easily and quickly get what they want and get what you are offering to them. If this isn’t happening then your website is costing you a lot of lost business…

Conversion Rate Optimisation For Your Business

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Whilst SEO processes drive targeted traffic to your website, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) converts these visitors into sales.  This of course is your main aim and should be one of your main focus points when organising the marketing of your website.  SEO does a great job of promoting your site and presenting it to those who are searching for your type of service.  CRO is essential to ensuring that visitors are persuaded and encouraged to go that step further to buy your products or services, provide you with their contact details or even just pick up the phone and call you.  Without CRO your website is just a website that many people visit.  Whilst this may be great for your web traffic reports, however it is your responsibility to monetise this traffic for the survival and growth of your business.

The attention of website visitors can be diverted very quickly if they don’t find what they need immediately and then off they go to a competing website.  Don’t let your competition win your customers over when a few tweaks to your website could be all that is required to ensure you get the business.  It is imperative to monitor visitor behaviour, which is very easy with tools such as Google Analytics where there are reports to show which pages were visited and at what point a visitor left your site.  This is invaluable information to have when formulating a conversion rate optimisation campaign.

What Factors Affect Conversion Rate Optimisation?

There are many reasons for visitors to leave your site seconds after they arrive.  here are some examples.

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Layout
  • Your message (the wording)
  • Price
  • Payment processes
  • Payment types offered

It is pointless and a waste of time trying to second guess the reasons – this is not productive.  Focus on the positive and look at what pages are making visitors stick around and at which point convert the best for you.  This will help you to optimise all of your pages so that they give you the same positive results.

What Are The Benefits Of Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • To increase conversions
  • To improve your ROI (return on investment)
  • To boost and increase your online revenue
  • To improve the stickiness of your site and keep those visitors coming back
  • To lower bounce and exit rates (Google considers this information)
  • To provide you with a clear and solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t

There are many factors that a website can work towards when persuading visitors to take the action you require.

The Never Ending Process of Testing, Tracking, Testing, Tracking…

The key to a more successful conversion rate is continual testing, testing, and more testing. We can often identify the number of changes that need to be made to clients’ sites to increase conversions, but once this has been done the work is still not over. In order to guarantee your site an ever increasing conversion rate and secure repeat sales, leads and enquiries for your business we can offer you statistically valid and controlled testing. We make recommendations based on A/B split testing – a series of tests which look at multiple examples of one single variable (which could be anything ranging from graphics to your site’s payment process) and determine which changed element generates the most desirable outcome. The good thing about A/B split testing is that it allows us to isolate individual hypotheses, resulting in a much fuller understanding of what will work best for you. Therefore, once we have established which amended elements are most effective at obtaining improved results for your website we can then make the necessary tweaks that will help you on your way to a greater conversion rate.

A/B split testing is especially effective as it can be used to revise and improve both your on-site and off-site efforts. However, this is a never ending process and once we find one test that works better than the other, we ditch the lower performing test and then try to beat it again – keeping you one step ahead of your competitors at all times.

If conversion rate optimisation is something you are concerned about, then please get in touch with us today and let’s start discussing what we can do for you to get more revenue.

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