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How A Quality Website Will Help Grow Your Business

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People frequently get it wrong when it comes to their websites, links are significant in terms of online marketing, however so is the content and layout of your site – presentation should never be overlooked.

A Website That Is Designed Well Can Convert Traffic Into Sales

As a leading SEO company in Essex dedicating our time and effort to being an expert who can deliver top results, we have come up with some tips on how to keep visitors on your site engaged, so that they act on your call to action. This may be anything from a free subscription, an enquiry, a sale or a phone call.

The appearance of your site is very important simply because if you aren’t getting it right you will just be losing business. Your website shouldn’t fall short of high quality content. A website without clarity is going to fail to capture the attention of your website visitors and prevent them from acting on your call to action (if you have one).

What Do You Want Your Website To Do?

The objective of your website is most important and you should make sure that you know and focus on achieving it. Be specific about how you plan to communicate your message to your customers.

Content Is King

This is a very frequently used expression that simply means, content is undeniably vital when it comes to the world of the web.It’s important to write the right content and the appropriate amount that makes full English sense to the human reader.

Consider Structure And Formatting

If your website has lots of amazing content, make sure that it doesn’t looks hectic and cluttered – this will just put off those who try read it.
However, this isn’t to say that you need to cut down on the amount of content on your website, it just means that it needs to be cleverly structured and formatted to make it east to read. Always remember people have short attention spans when reading online and hard to read text will most definitely result in losing traffic from your site very quickly.

The Importance Of Easy Navigation

Content must be scannable but not only that, your website should be designed so that people can easily navigate from page to page with no complications.
To prevent readers from leaving your website must have good labelling and include good, useful information that’s short, sweet and to the point.
The user mustn’t be left to wonder where they might find something. If that’s the case, it should be altered as soon as possible. When people are guessing where things are, and unsure where to find certain things on your website, that’s when you know that your website isn’t doing what it should be doing. You should know how online users react to your site, ask others you know to visit the website and express their honest opinion about how they found their way around it and whether it was easy or too complex, then optimise their feedback.

Make It Easy For Your Website Visitors

Make sure your website visitors can find an easy way to get in contact with you. If they want to make an enquiry about your product or service, or even make an order from you but can’t find your contact details, you will be instantly losing money. Make it easy for them – they shouldn’t even have to try. You should have a contact page with different ways for them to contact you. Make it easy for them and they won’t make it hard for you.

These are just some of the important areas of web design that need to be considered. If you are looking for a new web presence and want to talk to one of our expert members of staff, please contact us today.

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