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How to increase the return of your PPC campaigns by using negative keywords

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Are you using negative keywords as part of your PPC campaigns? They play an important role in the success of Adword campaigns because they prevent your adverts from showing up on irrelevant searches, and in term helps to reduce any wasted PPC spending. A lot of companies or people who manage their own PPC campaigns are guilty of putting a lot of effort and work to their keyword list without any consideration to the effect of negative keywords. A good list of negative keywords is evidence of a well optimised campaign.

Negative keywords permit you, as an advertiser, to choose or specify when your adverts should not be displayed and these instances include searches for a particular keyword that has several meanings or is part of other popular queries. For instance, your business sells cars and you are advertising on the keyword “BMW 3 series”, there is a big possibility that users will see your ad if they searched for “BMW 3 series toy”, or “BMW 3 series model”. This can result in clicks where people would click on adverts without even reading the text and later on, realize that the ad refers to something else. These clicks can result to huge expenses on competitive keywords.

The addition of negative keywords to your advert groups or campaign will filter out unwanted search results that have nothing to do with the products or services that you offer and therefore, help you reach your target market. You would then see an increase in the overall CTR since it decreases the number of searches viewing the advert but not clicking it. A higher click through rate will help your ad attain a higher placement in the search results for your keyword. This will result to a reduction of your CPC (cost per click) and increase your ROI (return of investment).

Keep in mind that when you run a PPC campaign, you’re spending money. Therefore, it is important that you do everything in your control to enhance the profitability of your advertising budget. SEO Essex highly recommend that you continuously track, measure, test and tweak your advert groups by adding negative keywords to your campaign. When you employ negative keywords you will see a noticeable boost in the performance of your PPC campaign.

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