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  • Fuel Your Content Marketing With A Content Calendar For 2013

                    Content marketing has become more important than ever before, especially after the recent changes and updates to Google. As an SEO company we are passionate about good quality content and as successful business owners you should be too. This is not just because good content can help […]

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  • Has Your Business Blog Lost Momentum? Follow These 3 Steps To Avoid Blogger’s Burnout

    Like all good ideas, blogging often begins with the best of intentions. After all, smart businesses know that blogging is important for a variety of reasons; it can help you to connect with your market niche, create compelling and sharable content and most importantly of all, help you to stand out from your competitors. However, […]

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  • How To Make Social Media Worth Your While

                          In their haste to climb aboard the social media bandwagon, too many businesses rush into social marketing work with no goals – let alone a plan to help them reach it. Similarly to every other area of your marketing strategy, your social media efforts […]

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  • Five Warnings It’s Time Your Site Had A Redesign

                    If you think it might be time for a site redesign, but need a little reassurance, here are the 5 key warnings to recognise that it’s time to rebuild. You know if you have a good website, as you’ll have acquired a significant number of compliments. However, […]

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  • Destroy the FOG (Fear of Google) With These Effective SEO Tips

    Over-optimisation is SEO Essex’s current hot topic of conversation, here’s why…  Many people are beginning to discover that their trusted SEO tactics are no longer working as effectively. These include over-optimised anchor text, anchor text for info graphic links, guest posting and the use of press releases. Yet, whilst some techniques are becoming less popular, […]

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