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  • How to increase the return of your PPC campaigns by using negative keywords

    Are you using negative keywords as part of your PPC campaigns? They play an important role in the success of Adword campaigns because they prevent your adverts from showing up on irrelevant searches, and in term helps to reduce any wasted PPC spending. A lot of companies or people who manage their own PPC campaigns […]

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  • Are you making the most of Google’s local business listing service?

    When we talk about SEO, it includes, not just your organic search listing but your local listing too. Organic search listing is the favourable rank given to a website by a search engine as a result of its relevance. Organic search listings are not paid for and the search engines are the ones that decide […]

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  • Common SEO mistakes that businesses make

    Search engine optimisation refers to the process of boosting web traffic towards a particular website and improving its rank in the search engines. Conversely, the higher the rank of your site, the greater number of visitors it will attract. Simply put, SEO is the heart and soul of any websites success. Nonetheless, there are still […]

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  • How to monitor your SEO progress

    There are a lot of things to learn when you intend to conduct an SEO campaign. Among the various techniques and strategies, you have to select the appropriate ones to carry out in order for your campaign to be successful. Constant monitoring of your SEO movements should also be carried out to see your progress […]

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  • How you can turn your Social Media routine into an effective tactic of your marketing strategy

    Nowadays, almost everyone is signed up with at least one social networking profile on sites including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Social networking has become so popular that, to many, it has become part of their daily routine. With this in mind, it is a good idea to use social media as a marketing opportunity – […]

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